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Local Fishing

Fancy a days fishing in the Bristol Channel? Listed below are a few of the popular local marks with details of how to get there and what you may catch.

The Bristol Channel is subject to the second highest tidal range in the world and therefore a degree of care is needed on some marks. Fishing at high tide is normally fine but if you fish some of the low tide marks you must be fully aware of the rising tide and ensure that you exit is not cut off by the incoming tide.

The upper channel marks are particularly dangerous and we would not recommend venturing out on to any of the mud banks and sand bars without expert local guidance.

Great Local Fishing Spots

Spot:Burnham Lower Light
Access:Leave M5 at J22 and head into Burnham. Follow the coast road as for Brean Down but after approx. ½ mile turn left into Allandale Road. Parking is on the roadside but take care not to block any entrances. Fish anywhere along the beach but do not go too far past the lighthouse as the mud can be very soft and there are some deep gullies which at times fill with soft mud making them impossible to see until you start to sink!
Tides:Best fished on neap tides from just after low water until high tide.
Species:Cod, codling, conger, whiting, flounders and occasional rays and bass in summer.
Spot:Burnham Sea Wall
Access:Once in Burnham follow signs for the sea front. Best area to fish is from the jetty (opposite Morrisons) south to the Yacht club. Parking is on the roadside and is free from October to March. This is a very easy access mark and can be very popular on Autumn evening high tides when some reasonable bags of whiting can be taken along with the odd codling and conger eel. The ground here is mostly clean sand leading to some quite deep mud in the river channel. There are some rocky patches but if you arrive 2 hours or so before high tide you can easily see where the snags are and avoid them.
Tides:Best fished on spring tides for 1 � hours either side of high tide when you can fish from the wall itself. The mud in front of the wall can be very soft.
Species:Whiting, conger, flounder and odd codling. Bass can show in the summer
Spot:Huntspill Wall
Access:The sea wall is on the south side of the River Brue and is about a 1 mile walk from Highbridge. During the day it is sometimes possible to drive to the venue by following the water board road next to the Huntspill River. BUT make sure to check the closing times on the gates! An easy spot to fish and you are casting from a concrete wall on to mud.
Tides:Medium tides best. Neaps do not reach the wall and springs come over the top
Species:whiting, codling, eels and a few bass
Access:Leave the M5 at junction 23 and follow signs for Bridgwater and then A39 Minehead. At Cannington go into the village and turn right at the war memorial, sign posted to Hinkley Point. Follow this road for about three miles and Stolford is sign posted on the right. Carry on down narrow lanes until you reach a T. junction, turn right and then at a V in the road take the left hand fork. This will take you to the beach where there is a small car park. Fish from either the sea wall towards Hinkley Point or the shingle beach to the right. If you arrive early you can see where the sandy areas are and therefore cut down on lost tackle.
Tides:Best fished on spring tides for 2 � hours either side of high tide.
Species:Codling, whiting, silver eels and bass.
Spot:Hinkley Point
Access:As Stolford but rather then turn right into Stolford stay on the main road which will take you straight to the power station. There is limited roadside parking outside of the gates.(DO NOT PARK INSIDE THE POWER STATION WITHOUT PERMISSION) There is a stile just to the left of the main gate. Cross this and follow the footpath around the perimeter of the station and it will eventually bring you to the foreshore midway between Hinkley and Shurton. You will see the reefs in front of you. The best areas are either straight out in front of the power station or the long reef which runs off to the West (Shurton reef)
Tides:Can be fished on any sized tide for 2 � hours either side of low water. Weed can be a problem on large tides and take care not to get cut off by the rising tide.
Species:Cod, codling, thornbacks, conger, whiting and bass.

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