Boat Fishing Rods

Boat fishing rods - There are two types of boat fishing rod, these are down tide fishing rods and uptide fishing rods. Fishing down tide (Simply lowering your tackle over the side of the boat) is the most common form of boat angling, either using artificial baits like Sidewinder Sandeels and Dexter Wedges or dead baits such as squid, mackerel and sandeel. Uptide boat rods are generally longer and used to cast your tackle away from the boat and up the tide. This form of fishing is particularly effective when fishing in areas where there is strong tide when the boat is at anchor.
Our range of boat fishing rods are chosen to accommodate the UK boat angler and those whio choose to fish around the world. There are many variations to suit different types of boat fishing so please browse our range of products and if you need further assistance, feel free to call one of our saltwater fishing experts.

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