Expanding Prawn Net

  • Double ended bait trap
  • Spiral wire design keeps the trap open
  • Design makes it easy for prey to enter but difficult to escape
  • Built in bait pouch
  • Zip allows easy removal of your catch
  • Use for prawns, crabs and small fish
  • Perfect for setting in rock pools or fishing from piers and rock edges
  • Comes with cord (if you are in deep water you may need to add more cord)
  • Folds for storage
  • Clips hold trap closed
  • Size 60cm x 30cm

7.99 (inc vat)

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A double ended net trap which can be used to catch prawns, crabs and small fish. The design makes it easy for the prey to enter but then hard for them to escape. Bait with fish etc and then leave in a likely spot. Ideal for use in rock pools or can be lowered off of piers or rock ledges. It comes with a cord but you may need to extend this if you are fishing from a high vantage point

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