Fiiish Storage Tray - White

  • Special trap to hold Fiiish lures
  • Perfect for keeping a selection of lures to hand
  • Prevents any added Gel from contaminating other tackle
  • material does not react with the Fiiish bodies
  • Ideal for small and charter boat anglers
  • Size 26 x 17 x 3cm
  • 2 trays per pack

4.30 (inc vat)

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These trays are designed to hold your Fiiish lures and make a handy spot to keep a selection of lures so you can quickly grab another lure when you want to change size or colour. They are made from a special type of plastic which does not react with the Fiiish material. If you like to add Gel or flavour to your lures then the tray helps to prevent it from spilling onto everything else. Ideal for boat anglers.

Size: 26x17x3cm

2 Trays per pack.

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