Rovex Ceratec Power Uptide

  • Length 9' 6''
  • Casting 6oz - 10oz
  • 2 Equal Pieces
  • High-modulus carbon blank
  • Soft tip for improved bite indications
  • Tip reduces the risk of lead bounce
  • Quality lined guides
  • Screw winch reel seat
  • Japanese shrink handle
  • Ideal for strong tides and big fish

54.98 (inc vat)

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9' 6'' - 6 - 10oz

The Rovex Ceratec Power Uptide Rod is based on a two equal piece high-modulus carbon blank and it looks great with the standard black and white Ceratec colours. Being two equal pieces allows for easy transport at home or on holiday.
The Rovex Ceratec Uptide Rod's ultra-sensitive tip has superior bite detection and helps minimise lead movement in strong tides. This is perfect for the finesse fishing angler who loves a good fight but still wants the power to pull in large fish. The progressive action high-modulus carbon blanks easily deal with strong tides and heavy fish. The heavier 6-10oz Rovex Ceratec Uptide Rod is suitable for strong tides and bigger bait in deeper waters. The full shrink wrap handle makes these rods comfortable to use and the high visibility tip alerts to even the most subtle of bites. Whether looking for rays, smooth hounds or topes, anglers will love whichever model they choose.

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