Seadra Domed Baiting Needle

  • Premium grade stainless needle
  • Domed end to prevent accidental damage to baits
  • Drilled to take hook point
  • perfect for baiting up with worms or other soft baits
  • Available in three sizes -
  • Match - 7'' - 1.5mm diameter
  • Standard - 9'' 1.5mm diameter
  • XL - 11'' 1.8mm diameter
  • Available singly or in a 3 pack containing one of each size

1.75 (inc vat)

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Premium grade stainless baiting needles to help baiting up with worms etc. The needles have a domed end which reduces the risk of accidentally piercing the bait. The opposite end is drilled to hold the hook point allowing the bait to slide neatly from the needle on to the hook.

Available in three size

MATCH - 7'' 1.5mm diameter use for smaller baits such as blow lug and maddies

STANDARD - 9'' 1.5mm diameter use for multiple blow lug, yellow tails or ragworm.

XL - 11'' 1.8mm diameter use for large black lug and king rag.

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Seadra Domed Baiting Needle

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Customer Comment:

this was replacing the one I lost

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Seadra Domed Baiting Needle

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Customer Comment:

These baiting needles are made from tube and not solid bar as I thought they might be. The blunt end, I say that as there isn't a sharp end, was rounded which wasn't expected, so I decided to sharpen it up on on a belt sander. You have to sharped these like a hypodermic needle due to being made of tube but once done they work a treat.

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Seadra Domed Baiting Needle

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Customer Comment:

Baiting needles are baiting needles but these domed needles dont cut through the worms once in. Leaves a nice clean/tidy multiple worm bait

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