VMO Bearking Serene

  • Length 110mm
  • Weight 12gm
  • Slow sinking
  • Works 0 - 60cm
  • Tight swaying action
  • Reflective holographic finish
  • UV back and belly
  • Laser eyes
  • 3 x BKK trebles

4.50 (inc vat)

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110mm - 12gm
The Serene is a slim and subtle slow sinking lure which is very effective when fish are hunting sandeels and other small bait fish. By varying the retrieve you can make it dart like fleeing 'eel, flutter slowly on the fall or by raising the rod you can even get it to skip on the surface. Despite its small size it still casts well allowing you to cover fish as they drive bait towards the surface.

The hollow finish reflects the available light and a UV coating on the back and belly adds an extra element.

Fitted with BKK trebles

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