VMO Flying Collar Boom

  • Long boom to reduce tangles
  • Available in 10'' or 15''
  • Perfect for fishing long traces
  • Ideal to use when drifting with lures
  • Locking loops allow quick change of sinkers and traces
  • Your own swivels may be added if desired
  • Made from heavy duty stainless wire
  • 5 booms per pack

3.00 (inc vat)

In stock

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The VMO flying collar boom is an ideal way of reducing tangles when fishing with a long flowing trace. The L shape helps to keep the boom at 90 degrees to the sinker preventing the trace line from tangling back around the mainline as you drop your gear to the seabed. It is perfect for drift fishing with lures or for using with a long trace and bait.

The looped ends are held in place with a sliding coil which allows you to quickly change the trace and sinker and also means you can simply add your own swivels if required.

5 booms per pack

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