VMO lash On Gaff

  • Strong Stainless steel gaff
  • Made from 1/2'' Stainless bar
  • Machined to form a securing lug
  • Fit to the pole of your choice
  • Effective method of landing large fish
  • Hand made in the UK

14.99 (inc vat)

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Gaffs are not to everyones liking but there are times when it can be the best way to land a fish. In these circumstances having a gaff to hand is the only difference between a great catch shot and the unbelieved tale of the one that got away!
The VMO Lash On gaff is hand made in the UK using 3/8'' stainless bar which is bent, sharpened and and turned to form a locacting 'lug' which allows you to lash the gagg to the pols of your choice.
There is a skill to using a gaff but in the right hands it is a very effective way of landing a large fish and a neat chin gaffing will cause minimum damage to your quarry.

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