Varivas 20 Sinker Bulk Pack

  • Bulk pack to make 20 grip leads
  • Sinkers moulded using the Varivas beach mould
  • Streamlined design
  • Long casting
  • Holds well on seabead
  • Pack contains -
  • - 20 x Sinkers
  • - 40 x 18gge stainless grip wires
  • 80 x Rollers
  • Available in 3oz, 4oz, 5oz or 6oz

19.99 (inc vat)

In stock

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The Varivas sinker is a streamlined distance casting sinker. The sinker has been designed to fly straight and true and also hold well on the seabed. They can be used as a plain bomb but each sinker is predrilled and slotted to take the grip wires and rollers supplied. With the grips fitted they hold well in the tide with the wires folding back on the retrieve to make it easier to bring in your gear and catch. Each pack contains 20 x sinkers, 40 x 6'' 18gge grip wires and 80 x yellow rollers.

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