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Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow - 120F

Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow - 120F
Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow - 120F - view 1HOKSHHS

120mm - 16gm
As hinted by the name the Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow has a angled face rather than the more traditional diving 'lip'. This angled face has been designed to get the lure to work at between 5cm and 50cm depending upon the speed of retrieve. It has a natural slow rolling action which fish find very attractive. The three stage finish gives the lure an eye catching look with a mirror ball finish on the back, super mirror flash sides and a natural bait finish to the belly.
Being lipless also helps it to cast really well and the addition of Duel's magnet weight transfer system mean that long accurate casts of 50m+ are possible.

"I have a thing for long casting, shallow diving minnow-type hard lures, and this Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow 120 (120mm, 16g) just flies. You know the sort of action it has by looking at the face of the lure, and sure enough, it smashes bass. I really like the Duel lure colours as well." Henry Gilbey

Price: 14.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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