Floating Beads

  • Well proven fish attractors
  • Deadly from shore or boat
  • The original and the best!
  • Superior buoyancy
  • Perfect for species like plaice, bream, gurnard, whiting, pollack to name just a few
  • Mount above the hook and hold in place with stop knot or rig stop
  • Can create a semi buoyant bait, lifting the bait off bottom
  • Lifts the bait to catch fish feeding off of the bottom
  • Available in Mini, Small, Medium & Large sizes
  • Sold in assorted colour packs
  • Genuine American made product
  • 10 per pack

2.40 (inc vat)

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Our Floating Beads are the original genuine American made beads. These are the very same Floating Beads which were at one time the sole preserve of the top match fishing elite. The good news is that this 'secret weapon' is now available to all so everyone can take advantage of this small but deadly trace making component.

Floating beads have a number of uses in trace making and can be a great fish attractor from both shore and boat. At times the addition of floating beads, and the slight change in presentation which this gives, can make the difference between blanking and bagging.

The smaller sizes will give a degree of lift to a bait which makes it flutter on or just above the seabed and this helps to attract curious flatfish. The larger sizes can be used to completely lift a bait off of the seabed which proves very effective for whiting, pouting, pollack, bream, trigger fish etc. By fishing them on a long trace then you can also pick up mackerel, garfish and shad. Varrying the number and size of beads on a three hook rig it allows you to cover the whole area from the sea bed to several feet above.

By using a number of the largest beads you can pop up quite large baits to target big fish hunting just off the sea bed.

Sold in packs of 10 of assorted colours.

Made in the USA

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Floating Beads

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Good quality product.. would buy again.

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Floating Beads

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