VMO Line Whisk

    Simple gadget to convert a drill into a reel emptying machine!
  • Inovative British design
  • Simply attaches to any drill chuck
  • Tie the line to the whisk and guide it on to the whisk as the drill speeds it off of the reel
  • When finished simply cut the line stright into the bin

4.99 (inc vat)

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So simple, yet so effective you will wonder why no one has thought of it before!
Simply attach the whisk to your cordless drill, granny knot the end of your old reel line to the whisk arm and off you go! Will strip high capacity multiplier and fixed spool reels in seconds and once complete, simply slide the old line from the whisk arms and into the bin. The reluctance of power drill use at home will be a thing of the past and this smart gizmo will see you heading for the tool box time and time again.

Drill and reel NOT included!

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