VMO Star Pyramid Leads

  • Revised version of the traditional pyramid sinker
  • Long casting
  • The star pyramid holds nearly as well as the standard pyramid but is easier to retrieve on shallower beaches
  • Sizes - 4oz - 5oz - 6oz
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The Star Pyramid is a multisided sinker which despite not having the sharp edges of a standard pyramid sinker the Star Pyramid still gives a good degree of grip on the sea bed. It is designed to allow you to move your terminal tackle across the seabed and search out the fish. It is also very useful in a strong lateral tide as it lets the rig slowly drag across the sea bed until it holds in a potential fish holding gully or other feature.
The unique shape makes the Star Pyramid easy to retrieve as it resists the 'digging in' you can get when trying to retrieve a standard Pyramid on a flat beach. If anything the streamlined shape of the Star Pyramid rises up in the water on the retrieve helping to reduce snagging. The same streamlining also makes it a very good sinker for casting.

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VMO Star Pyramid Leads

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