Shore fishing is probably the easiest form of angling to get involved in as you have no need for licences or permits and you can just try your luck from beaches, rocks and piers anywhere around the UK shoreline. Shore fishing is a great way to get away from the stresses of everyday life and relax by the sea soaking in the environment and with the added benefit that if you wish you can end up taking home some delicious freshly caught sustainable fish to eat. You also do not need loads of gear to get started. A rod, reel and the ubiquitous 'hook, line and sinker' plus a bit of bait can see you having fun and in with a chance of catching some fish. As you get more into you shore fishing we stock loads of terminal tackle and accessories which you can buy to add to enjoyment and also help you to increases your catches. Obviously where and when are import factors and you can pick up lots of information and tips from on line forums but a bit of gained local knowledge and tips picked up from chatting to the 'locals' adds to your knowledge and the enjoyment of exploring the coast and learning its moods and the effects of wind and tides. We here at VMO are all mad keen on sea fishing and will look to help to guide you to making the right purchases to enhance your fishing experience.

We have put together a range of Starter Outfits providing all you need to go out and start fishing.

Click HERE for a guide to popular species and how to catch them.

New to sea fishing and looking for some guidance? VMO's very own Jansen Teakle offers a fully insured guiding service based here in the Bristol Channel. For full information take a look at his website

Rods and reels

Rods and reels


A rod for shore fishing needs to perform two basic tasks. The first is to cast your bait out into the sea and the second is to help you retrieve both tackle and fish. Most shore rods are designed to cast weights of between 4oz and 6oz because you often need these sizes to both cast the distance needed and also hold the bait in position on the sea bed. A rod of between 12' and 14' is the norm and with the advances in technology it is possible to buy a very capable rod for a quite reasonable price.


There are two main types of reel used for sea fishing, fixed spool reels and multiplier reels. Fixed spools are without doubt the easiest to use and the modern models offer all the casting and fishing performance you need. Fixed spools come at a wide range of different price points but even the less expensive models still give very good performance. Multipliers are a more compact reel design which is favoured by some sea anglers but the fast revolving spool does require a degree of skill to master. This skill in itself can add to your enjoyment and many anglers feel that it is more of an accomplishment to fish with a multiplier. On the beach however from an actual casting and fishing perspective a multiplier offers no real advantages over fixed spools so unless you want to use a multiplier you are not missing out by using a fixed spool.

If you are looking for a complete rod and reel outfit then we have put together a range of combo deals to make it easy to pick a matching outfit to suit your budget and requirements.

Terminal Tackle and Accessories

Terminal Tackle and Accessories

Whilst not as glamourous as rods and reels other tackle items are just as important to making your day successful and enjoyable. Line is the connection between you and the fish so it is important to make sure that you keep it in good condition and replace it if damaged Nylon line is relatively inexpensive and is the best choice of main line for shore fishing. A reel line of 15lb to 20lb is the norm but it is important to add a casting Shockleader to take the strain of the cast and prevent the line from breaking. The end rig or trace is the business end of your set up and presents the bait so that the fish can find it and take the hook Ready tied rigs are a quick easy and efficient way of getting the right rig. You can of course tie your own rigs and we supply a full range of rig building components to allow you to tie your own rigs. Hooks need to be matched to the size of fish sought and also the bait used but big hook for big fish and small hook for small fish is a good, if simple, rule to follow. Other accessories which add to your day include a rod rest to support your rod on the beach. Night fishing can often be productive so a good headlamp makes fishing at night so much easier. As your tackle collection grows you will find the specialist luggae available a huge help when carrying your gear. decent clothing is another must allowing you to continue to enjoy your fishing even when the weather is not at its best. Scales to weigh your catch, disgorgers to unhook the fish amougnst others are all things which you can add to your tackle collection.VMO


Bait is a very important part of fishing and good quality bait can make the difference between catching and blanking. Live bait such as worm and crab can either be collected from the seashore or purchased from tackle shops. Once you have your bait it needs to be kept in good condition and a cool bag is a good way of keeping live bait in tiop top condition.
As well as live bait quality frozen bait is a good option and this offers the advantage of easy storage in your home freezer. Frozen bait is normally best when freshly defrosted so a cool bag is a good way of keeping your bait frozen so you can just defrost it as needed.VMO

First choice for cod in most areas, especially the black and yellow tail variety. Will also catch most small species and flatfish. Baiting needles can help to make it easier to bait up with worm baits

Ideal bait for smaller species as well as some larger ones such as sting rays, thornback rays and bass.

Many anglers first choice for larger species such as cod, bass, conger eels and bull huss. Usually fished whole but can also be cut into strips to make smaller baits.

A bait that will catch most species in UK waters. Readily available and perfect to use fresh or frozen. Bait elastic helps to secure it to the hook.

THE bait for most species of ray. Readily available from tackle shops in blast frozen form. Also an excellent bait for winter whiting. Can be fished live for bass on light tackle from shore and boat.

A super oily bait that is relatively new to the UK. Slang name for Pacific Saury, the bluey can be filleted or fished whole for rays, cod, conger, bass and most other large species.

Peeler crab
Expensive compared to some other baits, but incredibly effective for smoothhounds, bass and codling. Can be used live or frozen but should never be used dead. Bait elastic helps to secure the crab on to the hook.

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