Varivas Shock/Rig Nylon

Varivas Shock/Rig Nylon

  • Premium grade Japanese rig nylon
  • Ultra clear line for leaders and rig bodies
  • Smooth casting
  • Extra supple
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Kink resistant
  • Reduced memory
  • Knots well with good knot strength
  • Colour - Clear
  • Breaking strains - 50lb - 60lb - 70lb - 80lb
  • Spool - 100m
  • Made in Japan
  • Sold singularly

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100m spools of ultra clear nylon which is designed for use as shock leaders, rig bodies or hook lengths. Spooled on large arbor spools for reduced memory.
As well as trace bodies we have been using the 70lb and 80lb for cod and ray hook lengths and it ties nicely and resists twisting and kinking very well
In a Toatal Sea Fishing review Varivas Shock/Rig Nylon scored 10/10 for Abrasion resistance, Knot strength, Casting and Value for Money

Barney Wright wrote - "The Varivas shockleader is one of the best that I have seen for fishing. It comes on large diameter, 100 metre spools, which means that even with the longest of rods you get at least 10 leaders from each spool. A lot is required from a shockleader. It must be supple, have just the right amount of stretch, leave the reel cleanly and have both good shock resistance and high knot strength. Several lines offer just the right combination but this one from Veal's fulfils all the criteria. Even in the 80lb test this is a very supple line. It hangs almost perfectly straight as you take it off the spool and, with a little stretch, any slight coiling totally disappears. It has just the right amount of controlled stretch to cushion any mistakes in your timing when you cast, yet not enough to make things start to feel rubbery under high power. Its suppleness helps the line to leave the spool cleanly, even with full power casts. I tried a variety of knots and they all tightened up nicely with the minimum of effort on my part. The knot strength is good and even though i tried by best to pop it, the line held up throughout the onslaught of my casting tests.It is almost impossible to fault this line and as far as I am concerned it is ideal for all round fishing."
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