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V.M.O. Minehead Trip

Chris with Conger

Steve with his first Conger

Colin with a Small Eye

After lots of blown off trips we managed to get afloat with Dave Roberts on Alykat out of Minehead last weekend. Steve our ‘goods inward’ was on his first trip and we were joined by Chris Povey from Pure Fishing, his dad Colin and Nigel Derbe. We had a great day out, not too rough, and action throughout the 5 hours. Spurdogs, Small Eyes, Blondes, Dogs, Whiting, and loads of Conger to over 20lb and a solitary 9lb Cod, the rods just never stopped bending and Steve wants to know when we are out again!

Andy with a Spur

Surfblasters + New AnyfishAnywhere Rods + Accessories

Pleased to let you know that the new Penn Surfblaster 8000 have arrived. Only problem is we did not get as many as we hoped for, so supplies are limited. Order now, as we will sell out !!

Julians Anyfish Anywhere latest uprated, upgraded, Mark 2 , ‘6 and Bait’ and ‘4 and Bait’ have arrived and will be on line shortly. Very nice, slimmer and lighter with sliding winch and genuine fuji rings. The further refinements give more distance and fishablity.

Our latest tripod accessory is the very hi viz, orange Triple Head and Cups, that fit, not only our tripods, but also the Ian Golds DB1 and Match tripods. Ideal if you want to fish 3 rods, or want to have a spare outfit, ready to go.

Just in 4 way beads from Salt and the latest Teardrop Beads from Breakaway. Streamlined and shatterproof in two sizes attached to a frame for easy handling the Teardrops look just right for those like to make their rigs the best.



Please be aware, that many prices, especially for rods and reels, are very shortly going up. There has been significant price rises from several suppliers that we can no longer absorb. As our stock is replaced with more expensive gear, we will have to put up prices. ABU/ Berkley/Penn are particularly affected

We strongly suggest that you buy now while at the low price

Snowbee Rockhopper Wader Boots

We have just received stocks of the new Snowbee Wader Boots. These have spikes that cut through the weed and algae that make  shoreline rocks so slippy. Designed to be worn with breathable waders, we thought they would also be excellent as rock boots, so Jansen took a pair to craggy North Devon, and reports that they  probably give even more grip than the awesome wellington style Rockhoppers  boots. As someone who has had a few ‘moments’ over the years on rocks, these are going on my Xmas list.

Rockhopper Wader Boots

Spiked Rockhopper Wader Boots

Spiked Rockhopper Wader Sole

Spiked Rockhopper Wader Sole

Penn Surfblaster

Mono Spool

Penn Mono Alloy Spool

We are still waiting for stocks of this reel to arrive 08/11/11. Due date was weeks and weeks ago, but as with many new products, it has been delayed. We are trying to get a firm date but still no luck, however it should be within a couple of weeks.
Veals Mail Order were lucky enough to have a pre-production sample to evaluate. The very slow spool oscillation gives exceptional line lay with the very shallow spool ideal for braid but if you want to use mono it holds the best part of 200yds of .35 (15lb) mono. The deeper spool is fine for nylons up to 25lb or more. In action its casts like a dream, the best Penn fixed spool we have used, in fact it is reminiscent of some previous very expensive Daiwa fixed spool reels. We really like this reel, only time will tell how long its going to perform, but it seems to have the build quality and specification, so do we expect it to last. Penn claim that it is ‘fully saltwater resistant’ but like any reels used in saltwater, make sure you wash them off in freshwater after use!

Penn Surfblaster with Super Shallow Spool