Varivas – A New Take on Taikai

It is no secret that Japanese fishing tackle is amongst the finest in the world. Having imported Varivas products for many years, we have actually yet to see anything which we considered to be of poor quality. That said, some of the unusual bits and pieces that make their way into our huge shipment as samples leave us a bit puzzled from time to time as to what their intended purpose could be! The Japanese are streets ahead of us when it comes to fishing tackle ideas and development, but the bread and butter tackle items that are hooks, line swivels and the like never fail to surprise us as they continually improve.
When we first listed Taikai match hooks they became an instant hit with those seeking smaller fish in matches and in particular with anglers afloat chasing numbers of species inshore. When we received our recent shipment from the land of the rising sun, I popped the lid on the crate and these incredibly sharp, extra long shanked hooks were staring up at me. These seemed somewhat familiar and were screaming ‘flatfish hook’ to me, so without hesitation I tied a few traces up and the following evening headed to a local beach. To cut a long story short, a number of flounders later confirmed that these were indeed ideal for presenting worm baits for flat fish and so we decided to make what we came to realise were larger Taikai’s, the most recent addition to the Varivas brand.