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Facebook Winner

Congratulation to Darren Millar, his name came ‘out of the hat’ , winner of our latest Facebook competition, drawn by well known Minehead Charter skipper Dave Roberts of AlyKat fame. Well done Darren, enjoy spending your voucher.
Also we are hearing of some good cod catches to go with the rays. Best cod so far is a 31lb from the boat and several doubles from the shore.
Wishing everyone a fish filled 2013 from the Veals Mail Order Team

Harrys Near Double Figure Cod

bristol channel cod

Harry with his near double figure cod

Harry fished a mid Bristol Channel shore mark last Sunday. Starting earlier in the tide than usual, he fished both rods at distance. They had just settled when both started to rattle… result a 8lb 8oz thornie on one and a 9lb 12oz cod on the other, one of the run of better cod that are showing in the channel!! Both taken on whole, Ammo ‘dirty’ squid baits plus he had another  thornback to round off the session. More and better photos will feature in an upcoming Sea Angler article

Grauvell Teknos VT and Grauvell Titan X



Grauvell Teknos Surf VT 4250

Grauvell Teknos Surf VT 4500

As promised a few more details about the two new Grauvell beachcasters with ‘match tips’. Both these rods feature a spliced in finer length to give increased bite detection. In both cases Grauvell have achieved a nice smooth transition, from the fairly powerful butt and progressive mid section to this sensitive tip that will clearly show shy bites.

Although both rods are rated from 3.5oz – 7oz they go best with 4 – 5oz. The Teklon VT is both stiffer and lighter than the Titan X, so should give extra distance but with the Grauvell Titan X starting at only £74.99 for the 4200 (14′) £79.99 for the 4500 £79.99 it is a fantastic performer for the price. Considering the quality of the Grauvell Teklon VT that too is a bit of a steal, starting at £124.99 for the 14′, or £129.99 for the 15′

Grauvell Titan Surf X 4250

Grauvell Titan Surf X 4500

This image clearly shows the SIC low rider style rings, but not the screw winch fittings  that are used on both models.

It’s that time of year…

Well, its getting to that time of year where you take stock of the year just passed, and look forward to the coming year. The past year has seen some highs and lows for me, luckily, all of the fishing related things have been in the “Highs” category .

2012 has seen a real rise in the popularity of kayak fishing and in particular, HRF style lure fishing (more of that later). Looking back at my own kayak fishing trips, a few things stood out on the salt water side. The Bristol Channel has a special place in my heart, I spent so many years fishing it from the shore, and the kayak fishing has taken things to another level.

In terms of variety, one trip at the beginning of June springs to mind – perfect weather and tidal conditions, and a kayak full of fish. In the space of just 4 hours, these were a few of the highlights…


And a surprise 7lb cod (in June !)…

I Still havent got around to putting that trip on video, but a few weeks before – I put a similar one on Youtube – that smoothound was over 15lbs and put up a really good scrap on the Sonik SKS rod…

Bristol channel kayak fishing trip

We are so lucky to have such decent fishing in the Bristol Channel. But you can have too much of a good thing, and dare I say it, sometimes you need to try somewhere new and something different…

I have always loved lure fishing, and this year, I was determined to give it a really good go out on the kayak. I met up with my good friends Adam, Ian and Jan down in deepest darkest Cornwall. Brilliant conditions, so we decided to go on an explore. It was Adam who persuaded me to leave the bait behind and take only artificial lures, as it turned out, it was a good move. I was using texas rigged plastic worms – using 7g conehead leads and rigging the worms using weedless hooks.

6lb wrasse kayak fishing video

That fish was well over 6lbs and put up a great scrap on a Teklon Concept 702L light spinning rod and a RAW II reel loaded with 10kg Varivas braid. I actually spotted the fish and cast to it from the kayak – amazing stuff.

That was not the only trip to Cornwall, I had been there earlier in the year to fish for my nemesis, the Gilthead bream. I have spent many years trying to capture one of these amazing fish from the kayak, and this year I finally managed it…

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I received a call telling me I had been selected to represent Team GB in the Hobie World Kayak Fishing Championships in Texas… if you had told me 30 years ago as a youngster fishing from chesil beach, that one day I would represent my country, I would not have believed you. In fact, I still cannot believe it has happened. Dave Box kindly helped to supply us with some great rods and reels, and though we didn’t manage any medals, Team GB were remembered for all of the right reasons. The Mitchell Pro Extreme reels and Teklon Concept rods did us proud and performed flawlessly at the highest level.

Looking forward to next year, I am going to concentrate on lure fishing from the kayak. I have been busy pimping a new Hobie Revolution 11 kayak ready for next year. Its powered by a mirage system using pedals – its fast, lightweight and should be just the thing for reaching the parts of the coast others cannot reach. I have recently fitted turbo fins and an XL rudder from a tandem racing cat – the results are looking good.

Let’s hope I can bring you some more exciting kayak fishing stories next year using some great tackle from Veals Mail Order.

New Grauvell Beach Rods

We are pleased to let you all know that we now have stock of the of the new Grauvell match style beachcasters with sensitive tip. Will be posting more details early next week with images. We have the Titan Maroon Surf Titan X450 Titan X 420 and the Grauvell Teknos Silver Surf , Teknos Surf VT 4500 or Teknos Surf VT 4200.
These can be found in our Sea fishing rods section under the Grauvell banner

Sundridge Clothing with a Free Sundridge Bag

While stocks last, we are offering a nice Sundridge carry bag, Free with a selected range of Sundridge clothing. The bag is free with the Sundridge SAS 7 Jacket, Sundridge SAS 7 Suit, and the Sundridge Stormbeach Smock. It is made from a good grade material with a long zip, carrying strap and is designed to keep/carry Sundridge clothing.

Artico Rods

Just been checking out the Artico rods made in Italy these are some of the nicest ‘quiver tip’ style boat rods we have ever seen. We have several of the Artic Dinamite TNT range on order all with two quivers and also the innovative Artico X Power. These rods are made in Italy using a combination of carbon cloths to give an excellent action with controlled power. Very impressed with these and are looking forward to stock arriving, hopefully before Xmas.

Ultima Enigma Trace Line

Ultima Enigma Trace Line

Check out the new trace material from Ultima its called Enigma and we really like it. It knots well, has zero memory so returns to it original length after stretching and is soft for excellent presentation. This will soon rival Amnesia for trace making. Check out our range of sizes from 12lb to 60lb on our website listed under new products. Go to