Monthly Archives: August 2013

Paradise Found

I was lucky enough to sneak down to Cornwall for a couple of days kayak fishing last week. Despite a crazy downpour on the drive down, the weather turned out to be amazing. I met up with my kayak fishing buddies Adam and Ian for a spot of lure fishing. The target was big pollack which Ian has been catching regularly to over 10lbs from the yak. To cut a long story short, the pollack fishing was not good – but there is always something to tug your line in those waters.

And so it was that the following day I decided to go on an explore. This is one of the great things about fishing from the kayak; you can fish places which have probably never seen a bait before. I was using the Hobie Revolution 11 kayak; which is ideal for lure fishing, with its unique mirage drive system. This allows you to peddle the kayak and fish at the same time.

I started off using the tried and trusted Savage Gear Sandeel in 42g, I was fishing steep drop-offs into quite deep water.

Second cast and a really nice fish took a liking to the SGSE. I was fishing it on  Blackrock Hellboy 7 foot rod – and the fish put a a good account of itself.



More exploring, and the bites dried up. I paddled ashore and changed tackle.

The switch to the lighter Teklon 702L and Luvias 2500 loaded with 9kg varivas braid, should have spiced things up a bit, but the tide had dropped right off, and the lures were not looking very lively. Then I decided to switch to a new lure… Grauvell Kona Expert 20cm (col 123). Rigged with 7g conehead lead. These eels look so realistic, its unreal. The material is alot softer than normal SP’s so the whole thing moves alot move in the water.

I was really impressed with the way the lure looked as I inched it back through the clear water. The fish could not resist, and I had a couple of really chunk 1.5lb mackerel which fought like demons and later ended up in the frying pan.

Then another long period of inactivity, and I contemplated calling it a day. I remembered some pinnacles and gullies I had seen the day before, and decided to put my brain back into wrasse HRF lure mode. I paddled over to the pinacles and watched for a couple of minutes as the tide picked up and a series of small edies indicated the presence of some deeper holes. This was definitely big wrasse territory.

I peddled carefully up against the tide and cast into one of the eddies. The senko hit the bottom, and after a short retrieve, I could feel wrasse plucking at the tail of the lure. I slowed down, and wham ! the Teklon hooped right over, and a decent fish made the Luvias reel sing. The fish pulled the tip of the rod down under the water. After a couple of dives I netted the fish…

From that point onwards, it was almost a fish hooked on every drift. The tide was picking up, time went out of the window, and I was well and truely in the zone.

On one drift, I spotted a cracking little spot tight in under a vertical rock face. I did not have the angle to make the cast, so I cast the lure at the vertical rock; it hit the rock and fell right into the zone. As the senko fell through the water, a wrasse took it on the drop. For a split second, time stod still, and I don’t think either myself or the fish knew what had happened. It was a magic moment. I woke up and struck into the fish. It dived for cover and I managed to turn its head back towrds the kayak. Not a big fish – but I was very pleased.

I carried on fishing the gullies, spinning the kayak around the rock edges and holding station in the tide whilst casting into the clear water. I must have had 10 or maybe 15  wrasse; one of the best wrasse fishing sessions I have ever had. Using quality balanced tackle really allows the fish to fight. The day could have been so different if I had left early. I was so glad I stayed !