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Penn 535 mag2

New Penn 535 Mag Now Available

Just had our first delivery of the all new Penn 535mags2 arrive and we have nearly sold out already!! With adjustable magnetic brakes, fast 6 :1 ratio with a capacity of 320/20lb they are in favour with heavy duty shore fisherman and uptiders alike. Full spec as follows Marine Grade Bronze Main Gear with Stainless Steel Pinion, 6 Shielded Stainless Ball Bearings, a live spindle with free floating machined alloy spool helps give the reel a decent long range potential. Price comes in at £139.99

New Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2

Ugly Stick GX2

Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2

New Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2, 3 models 12 – 20lb and 20 – 30lb at 7′ 4″ and a 30 – 50lb at 7′. Not been a huge fan of Ugly Sticks in the past, but these are nice. Better balanced with more power in the butt, a good finish and all at really great prices, from only £47.99. These are going to suit a lot of boat anglers. Check them out on in our Boat Rods Section.


AnyFishAnyWhere Rods

Just had a visit from Julian Shambrook who took the time to do a few takes to camera about his three new rods. Really nice quality for anyone in the market for a tasty beachcaster. Will post an update for you as soon as the videos are sorted, and on YouTube for you to watch.

Bream taken on Isome Worms from Beer

Andy took a trip out of Beer in Devon this week hoping to try for some bream before they leave on their autumn migration to warmer waters. The day started slowly with mackerel proving hard to tempt but after several stops and with 6 anglers frantically feathering half a dozen mackerel eventually ended up in the bait box. It was then time to head out and anchor up on a patch of rough ground. It wasn’t long before the first bream started plucking at the slim squid or mackerel baits and a few fish starting coming into the boat. It soon became obvious that presentation was the key with the three anglers on the boat using the lightest gear catching by far the most fish.

Squid and Squid for theis bream

Bait and Squid Combo works for Andy

Andy, Steve and Nigel had all opted for ’quiver tip’ style rods with light braid and just 2oz or 3oz leads. Rigs were a mix of 2 or 3 hook paternosters with 20lb Varivas 365 flourocarbon hook lengths and size 2 Varivas Chinu or size 1 Varivas Aberdeen hooks. The bream seemed to be feeding off of the bottom and it was the upper hooks which were getting all the fish. The addition of a Tronix mini muppet also seemed to help to attract the breams attention and out fish just a plain baited hook.
As the tide run increased the bream fishing slowed and although a few huss and a couple of strap congers gave a bit of sport on the light gear it was decided a move was in order. Kim quickly repositioned Sambe on a brittle star bed and within minutes the bream were feeding harder than before.

Steve Parsons with black bream

Steve with Isome caught bream

Steve decided it was time to try something different and baited one hook with a white XL Isomi worm which the bream grabbed with just as much relish as they did squid strip proving that the artificial is a worthwhile alternative to natural bait.
With the bream feeding so well not many other fish got a look in but a couple of Pollack, small huss and scad added a bit of variety and Nigel also landed a cracking double figure undulate on a size 2 Varivas Chinu. This was a new species for him and rounded off a very pleasant days fishing.

Varivas Chinu accounts for a nice Undulate

Light tackle Undulate Ray for Nigel

The final bream tally was a good 60+ with 90% of them falling to Andy, Steve and Nigel’s light tackle approach.
If you fancy a day out on Sambe give Kim Aplin a call on 07989 631321


Bass and Mullet

SureSpin well bent !

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the phone call yesterday. We went fishing for an hour and a half in the evening. It was rough and tricky to get near the sea. Me, Richard, Bill and Nigel had nine bass and a mullet between us. The mullet and three of the bass were on the fly gear. I had the best bass (only 3.5lb) but it was a great session. As you’ll see from the piccies at times there were a lot of fish there but the big swell made fly fishing almost impossible for much of the time.

What do you think of the bend in the old Surespin as I slid my bass ashore??



How many fish can you spot?

Yet another Bass for Mike

Mike Ladle with a nice mullet

Fishing with Mike and Richard Ladle

Hi Dave,
Date 4.10.13
Richard and I have had two evening sessions at Kimmeridge. We landed five bass and four mullet in all. Three of the bass and all of the mullet were on the 8wt Surefly with a tiny white Delta eel (we took turns). The best fish were mullet of 6, 6.5 and 7.5 lb on the second evening. It was rough and difficult fishing but fantastic!!!

All the best,


Mike and Richard Ladle

Richard with fly caught mullet 

Another Mullet for Richard

Mike Ladle with a nice mullet

Mike Ladle with a nice mullet

AlyKat Summer

Here at “AlyKat” charters we have enjoyed a bumper year taking advantage of the glorious weather throughout the season. Inshore waters have produced some cracking fishing with hoards of marauding smoothounds many of which hammered the scales down to well over double figures. Crab and squid fished on a running ledger rig works perfectly for these sporty fish. A 12 – 20lb boat rod is ideal to make the most of the sport. On the reefs, some good black bream were available, though never in any great numbers. Fish to three pounds were taken on squid baits though we have still to find the huge shoals that must be out there somewhere.

Ray fishing, as usual has been phenomenal with specimens of all species taken regularly. It seems that the ray fishery in the Bristol Channel just gets better and better. Strict catch and release policies can only help these fish, so if you don’t want to keep the fish for the table (males only if you have to!) please release to provide sport for another day.
Though “AlyKat” spends lots of time targeting inshore species, we are never happier than when we venture offshore. This year had been no exception! June was time to head out to the wrecks in search of pollack and ling. Our customers were not disappointed as good bags of pollack to 16lb 8oz were taken. Good conger and ling also featured on the returns sheet.

Steve Woodberry 12lb pollack

As the summer progressed, we ventured even further with our sights firmly set on the tope huss and indeed blue sharks! The tope obliged as usual with some cracking fish to well over 50lb gracing the decks. A record 92 tope were taken by the TOR SAC on a single tide in July with the best hitting 50lb. In amongst the tope runs, some cracking bull huss were taken with fish to 17lb being a regular feature. The highlight of our calender however, had to be the shark fishing. All but one trip produced blue sharks for “AlyKat” regulars. Mick Doody from Guildford brought his club for a shark trip with members taking five fish on their first attempt. A fine specimen of 149lb turned out to be a club record for them and the best aboard “AlyKat so far. Minehead “sharkaholic” James Wigglesworth joined us on three occasions taking blue sharks each time, his best went 104lb. These fish provide fantastic sport on balanced gear, though I do not advocate using light tackle here. Too much stress is not good for these fantastic fighters and respect should be given in this department. Always land your shark as quickly as is reasonably possible. A quick picture then immediately release is the order here.

John Mattick with a 98 lb blue

Tackle for the sharks is pretty basic with a good quality rod and reel such as a 30 – 50lb PENN Rampage rod coupled up to a PENN Squall or Fathom reel is ideal. Traces should be at least 275 multi strand wire of at least 15ft in length with an 8/0 hook of steel (not stainless). “AlyKat”s armoury of end gear for the sharks was kindly supplied by Dave Box of Veals Mail Order. In amongst the shark runs, our anglers were treated to some great sport with haddock to 4lb, gurnards of all sort to 4lb, garfish, whiting and as many mackerel as they wanted. We also found a solitary John Dory of 4lb just for good measure.
Closer to home and September found us searching for the bass. At this time we have had a few good sessions with Paul Greens group from Bristol having the best trip so far with 29 fish to 7lb. There is still plenty of time for these fish and we are all hoping for a repeat of last year when the late summer saw us taking over 30 fish per tide on a regular basis.
Al best for now from the “AlyKat” team!

Skipper Dave (left) and Paul Green yet another blue!

Dave R.

Sonik SK3 XTR

Sonik SK3 XTR Beachcaster
We now have the new Sonik SK3 Xtr rods in stock, we like these, the tip is lighter for better bite detection, and there is more power through the middle so they are going to cast further as well. Should certainly put more fish on the beach. Great selection with with 2 lengths of Bass or Estuary Rods, 13′ Surf in Fixed Spool or Multiplier, and a 13 or 14′ Rough Ground. All models come with a free Sonik Wet Gear Bag, worth £39.99.