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Icon Rods ….. More Information

Leeda have really got their act together with these new Icon Surf rods ( M-Sport ). Using the old range as a starting point they have improved them beyond recognition. Fitting a parallel handle and keeping the spot on action has enabled them to use a slim butt with moveable fittings, so you can position your reel to use the power to maximum effect. Now to the fittings; the rings have been improved beyond recognition and are much tougher, quality shrink, expertly whipped, stunning graphics and a to transport it a case, much to good to call a bag, of heavy duty material, divided and with a proper heavy duty buckle to close it. All in all, one heck of a lot of beachcaster for £150. The one thing that you might like to note is that, along with most everyone else, there is no longer a reducer supplied for those who cast ‘reel down’ .

Leeda Icon M Sport

Icon Rods Now In Stock

Hi Everyone
Just to let you all know we have just had a delivery of the new Leeda Icon Beachcasters and have already sold out of the Ultra Power Icon, but should have more in shortly. All models are in very short supply, with nearly all of Leeda’s first batch sold. If you are interested in these super, outstanding value, beachcasters we strongly recommend ordering yours soon.

Leeda Icon M Sport

Icon M Sport - Great Graphics

Bass Tackle for Big River Pike

Thought you all might be interested in Mike Ladles latest catch. Using standard bass gear, 8′ Teklon Rod Shimano reel 20lb nanofil and one of his ‘Slandra ‘ lures. ( front end is a Slugo cut off with a Sandra tail welded on ) a trip to the local river produced a cracking condition 18lb Pike. Nice one Mike.

18+ Pike on Slandra using Teklon 832 Concept Nanofil and Shimano

Tecklon Concept Nanofil Line

Close up of a Slandra in Pike mouth

AFAW Videos

Hi everyone, just to let you know that we have video clips, on line ready to view. If you are interested in the design, and thinking behind the new AnyFish AnyWhere Mark 2 Series:- Tournament Match, Match Mark 2, and Tournament Grand Prix they are well worth a few minutes of your time to check them out.


Mullet on BIG lures

Well, here is a new one for me. Had an email from Mike Ladle yesterday, just an update about some tackle and his last couple of sessions. Part of his catch was a 7+ mullet, nice fish that I would have been very happy to have caught, but it was what he caught it on that took me by surprise …. a Redgill Evo Sandeel …. size 178mm !!

Mullet taken on a Redgill Evo Veals Mail Order SureSpin

Mullet on a 178mm Redgill Evo

Here is the relevant part of Mike’s email;
“I went on Sunday morning and this morning to Kimmeridge (by the pill box at the bottom of the steps – tonnes of weed and maggots but no fish moving). I fished for a total of 2.25 hours in the combined trips using the old Surespin and an 18cm Pearl Evo Redgill. I had a bass and a 7lb+ mullet on Sunday and one bass today so I was well pleased. Mullet sometimes seem quite predatory at this time of the year. It’s getting very cold in the early hours now (gloves, hats, etc. etc.).”
Now I know all about mullet spoons, but to catch mullet on something nearly 18cms was new to me.
Anyone else out there have similar experiences ??

178mm Redgill Evo

Bass, a more usual catch on an Evo


LRF Tronix Rockfish, not just for saltwater

Tronix Pro HTO Rockfish L – A ‘Fresh’ Angle
Let’s start by saying that when the whole LRF thing started I was to say the least a little sceptical and the idea of paying £200+ on a tiny rod to catch gobies just did not float my boat! Tronix however have moved the goal posts big time and with the introduction of their ‘Rockfish’ range have made what appeared to be an overpriced elitist way of recapturing the angling of your youth into a very reasonably priced way of enjoying ultra-light lure fishing for a wide variety of species.
It was an impromptu trip to Weymouth which persuaded me to part with £34.99 and buy a Rockfish L. Given my time scale ‘serious’ angling and all the associated tackle and bait was not an option but a small rod, reel and handful of soft plastics would not be an issue. The upshot was a rather enjoyable mornings angling with various wrasse, blennies and small Pollack. The light gear allowed fish which on standard beach gear would be inconsequential nothingness’s turn into a worthy target providing comparatively savage bites and rod bending action.

Tronix HTO Rockfish

Rockfish HTO in Action

The rod then returned to the shed where I expected it to stay until the next possible visit to a suitable sea side venue. This however was not the case as a chance walk along the local canal revealed some rather nice looking perch lurking around the stone work of a bridge. Like many others a perch was the first fish I caught and I have had a bit of a soft spot for them ever since. So the following day I was back, but this time I had the Rockfish L a few 3gm Maria Beak heads and some 2’’ shads. At first the perch did not seem interested but a change of retrieve to a slow stop start action, which allowed the lure to rise and fall near the bottom, produced a sharp tap which was clearly visible on the rods fine white tip. Unsure if it was a bite or just yet more weed, I gave a quick strike and was rewarded by the characteristic jagging resistance of a perch.

Perch caught on LRF sea fishing tackle

Perch on LRF

Ok so it was not a monster but it was caught by design on tackle which allowed it to fight back and meant that I was probably more ‘hooked’ than the fish.
The result of this is that I have now given the Rockfish L a fair testing on the local canal and drains and my tally of perch has risen quite steadily. This is in no small way down to the superb action and sensitivity of what is after all a very cheap rod. Perch seem to be absolute suckers for a falling lure and by holding the rod at a fairly high angle you can watch the tip as you wind and pause. Nearly all the bites come when you pause and the lure sinks. The takes are shown as a small but very positive tap. Braid, such as the Varivas High Grade PE, is a huge help in showing these delicate bites and a quick strike sees you connect far more often than you miss. The balance of the rod is near perfect when teamed with a small 2500 size reel and the ‘feel’ is also very good when both working the lure and playing a fish. Pound plus perch give it a good bend but you are still in control and a spirited fight normally results in a nice fish in the net.

Pike taken on sea fishing LRF gear.

LRF fun fishing for Pike

An unavoidable hazard of lure fishing in Somerset is pike and the Rockfish L has handled fish to 6lb with reasonable ease. In fact it helps to make jacks a tail walking and line stripping challenge to be relished.
So if you want loads of cheap light tackle lure based fun in fresh or salt water then grab yourself one of the HTO Rockfish rods as they are an absolute bargain priced gem.

Andrew Evans


Imax Clothing in Demand

Imax clothing has been in huge demand this autumn. Imax has been cleaned out of stock of the Imax Thermo Suit, Imax Oceanic Jacket and Imax Thermo Smock and no more stock is available, probably until after Xmas!! Here at Veals Mail Order we built up large stocks but even we are struggling with some sizes. We suggest if you had the Thermo Smock, Thermo Suit or Oceanic jacket on your Xmas list that you act quickly while we still have some in stock.
The Imax Thermo Suit has been particularly popular

Sea Fishing Clothing

Imax Thermo Suit



Varivas PiggyBack Hooks

While re-organising some shelving we just found a big box of Varivas PiggyBack hooks. For anyone who has not come across these before they were hand made, with a ‘spike’ on the shank so you could attach a big bait without masking the point.

Varivas hook for big baits

Varivas PiggyBack Hook

You can see in the picture just how effective and easy it is to get superb presentation with a big bait. Not just squid, fish bait or anything firm and bulky that would mask the hook, or bunch up on the bend can be attached to improve hooking and give a more natural look.

Squid bait mounted on a piggybook hook.

Squid mounted on a Varivas PiggyBack hook.

These unique hooks have been unavailable for over a year, so we are really excited to find some more.
We will have these on line in the very near future, as soon as we have some in packetsVaivas hooks for big baits


Beach Shelters

Shakespeare Salt Shelter

Shakespeare Salt Shelter

Down In Price
We have managed to secure a great deal on these latest Shakespeare Salt Shelters that has enabled us to reduce the price to by an extra £10 down to only £59.99. These are light, can be compacted down to a size that will fit into your car boot, and they are big enough to get a couple of anglers in. These are just the thing to keep you warm and sheltered now the weather has got colder. Why suffer, be comfortable and you fish more effectively.
Why not buy one with a mate its only about £30 each. Bargain
Please note although we have good stocks Shakespeare have sold out so buy now while we still have some.