Monthly Archives: January 2014

Skyroad by Major Craft

Just a quick note to say that we are expecting our stock of these fine lure rods in very soon, hopefully by Friday 20th. If you have your sites set on one of Henry Gilbey’s “Rod of the Year’ it might pay to give us a ring soon. Supplies of the Skyroad are limited as its not just in the UK that the lightness and action have been noted and there is world wide demand.

Pyramid Lead, New Star Pyramid Shape

Star Pyramid Lead

Latest in Pyramid Lead Design

The latest in Pyramid leads is the improved ‘Star Pyramid Leads’. This is a unique shape that still provides a large amount of grip but is designed to allow you to move your tackle in the tide, providing there is enough flow. This means that unlike the conventional pyramid that tends to stay anchored, you will be able to ‘search out’ fish by covering more seabed. There are other advantages as well as the Star Pyramid as they resist ‘digging in’ so are easier to get the lead moving, and the more streamlined shape gives better casting distance and it tends to plane up in the water on the retrieve reducing the chance of snagging. Available in 4, 5 and 6oz it is well worth having some in your box if you favour this style of fishing.


Competition Spools for Fixed Spools from Teklon

competition spool for Akios Scora

Competition Spool that fits Akios Scora and Teklon Surf One

We have just received a delivery of Teklon competition spools from Grauvell. Superb shallow profile that holds 200m of .20mm, made from a high spec plastic with metal drag washers. Designed for the Teklon One Surf reel, we have discovered it also fits the Akios Scora 80, great news as this reel does not come with a match spool as standard. At a cost of £28.95 these are great value for the serious competition beach angler.