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Water Wolf Video

VMO now have stocks of the amazing WaterWolf Camera. This is a ‘must have’ for all you film makers or anyone who wants to have an exciting record of their fishing trip. Most importantly it is small and waterproof to the extent that it can be fished up to 30m down, cast out to sea or simply attached to your cap or rod.
the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Full technical details are on site
Why not check out the video
This gives you an idea of what you can do but there is lots of different film making angles you can use and you know your camera is not going to be ruined if its wet.

close up of the Water Wolf camera

Water Wolf Camera

Water Wolf on a cap

The Water Wolf Camera on a cap

Bristol Channel Fishing

After a few lean years its nice to blog that the Bristol Channel is producing fish this autumn. Although there have not been many big fish, there are lots of codling around for the shore and boat angler.
Veals Mail Order staff members Andy, Jansen, Harry and Joe have all been catching plenty of codling with the odd thornback dogfish and whiting for variety. In addition Harry has bagged some classy Blondes and Jansen a nice Huss.

Veals Mail order

Joe, latest Veals Mail Order employee with a couple of typical Bristol Channel Codling

Veals Mail Order

Harry Brake with one of his catch of 8 blondes on a tide.

Going Dutch

I have been lucky enough to go to Holland 3 times this year kayak fishing. The first trip was for the World Predator Classic competition back in June, the second event was the Hobie European Championships in September and the third time was the Hobie World Kayak Fishing Championships in October.

In terms of the fishing, the Hobie Euros were my favourite.

I managed to catch perch…


My first zander from the kayak, including a decent one…


Some firsts for me, including an ide, and an asp (very handy to get an “A” and an “I” for my alphabet of fish 🙂


The suagr coating was the final day of the european championships, when with 20 minutes to go, I hooked into a monster pike on my ultralite outfit. The fish lead me a merry dance around the shallow waters of the Dutch Heringvliet. I was using a Mitchell Mag Pro Lite 500 reel loaded with 8lb nanofil. Its always the way; I was fishing for perch with a tiny paddle tail soft plastic. Eventually, I managed to land the fish on the kayak. It measured 106cms – a new kayak pike PB for me.


I was chuffed…


I took all 3 of my trusty Teklon rods 702ML, 702L and the 702 Dropshot special – and had specimen fish on all of them. They are great rods – I have used and abused them for a long time now.

Check out the video to see how the tiny Mitchel Mag Pro Lite 500 reel got put through its paces my a Dutch croc…

This lure fishng lark might just catch on 🙂