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Bait Weaver from Ullcatch

Bait elastic dispenser

Bait Weaver from Ullcatch

The alll new Bait Weaver from Ullcatch is a really neat bit of kit that anyone uses bait elastic will instantly fall in love with. Accurate, tangle free, reduces breakages, easy to use and keeps your bait covered hands off that delicate elastic. So much better than the current style hole in the end of a tube,the elastic rotates around a wide central capstan to give a smooth, precise delivery of delicate elastic.Supplied with 3 grades of elastic, these really appeal to me and I’m adding one to my kit for sure.
Bait elastic dispenser

Bait Weaver in Use


Mike Ladle is just back from visiting his son Richard who now works inn Brazil. Both keen fisherman they went fishing together and Mike sent us the following text and image that he is happy for us to share with you.

VMO Surespin land stingray

Stingray landed on Surespins

Hi Dave,
Back from Brazil. Good trip but nothing too exciting to report.
We used the 4Surespins and Surepoppers almost all the time and had a wide variety of fish on baits and lures.
Best one was on the very last cast of the last evening. We were wading crutch deep,in the dark, 200m from the beach by Richard’s house.Both of us were freelining fillets of fish.
We both hooked the same (decent) stingrayand had to wade all the way back to the shore with it flapping round
our legs. Great fun!

I had my first trip to the river for an hour yesterday and landed an 18lb pike on
one of my Slandras using the old Surespin. Cracking fish!

Veals Suresping catches river pike

River Pike of 18lb on Slandra Lure

Pike on Slandra

Slandra Scores Again

Cheers, hope everyone is fit and well,


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