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Marukyu Crab

From the makers of the highly effective Isome Worm bait comes the latest thing, Marukyu Crab.

Isome worm and Crab

Marukyu Crab

Available in 3 colours, purple, green and brown and two sizes medium and large with 10 and 8 per packet respectively. They have already been successful for lots of species, especially fatties and wrasse (purple is the killer for wrasse) but work for just about any species as they are edible and boosted with amino acids to attract the fish. With great footage on youtube showing them catching flatties, Marukyu Crab are already becoming the latest must have LRF bait, and will also suit ISO style fishing.

Selling fast ….. as I write 29.4.15 we are waiting for more stock of some colours …. will be back in stock shortly.