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Bass in Dorset with Mike Ladle

We are indebted to Mike Ladle for another interesting post, always a good read and lots of information. Please keep your posts coming mate.

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Bass fishing again.

My pal Ben has been pretty busy with work and family commitments for quite a while.  In fact I don’t think we fished together at all last year so I was pleased when he rang the other day to say he was free for an early morning’s bass fishing. Ben picked me up at 04:45, in the dark, with the rain still pelting down (about time the plants in my garden would say) and we drove down to the coast.  It was the bottom half of an ebbing tide so we weren’t too optimistic, but as we got the gear out of the car the rain eased off and stopped.  At this point the wind had dropped and there was only a light offshore breeze, it wasn’t even too cold so our spirits rose (it doesn’t take much).

My other pals have been catching the odd bass recently so at least we felt that we were in with a chance.  At about 05:30 we started fishing with two completely different lures – always a good policy to see what might be working best.  Ben was using a 12cm, unjointed plug and I fished with an 18cm, pearl, Evo Redgill.  When we started to fish we couldn’t really see whether the water was coloured but it was soon obvious that there was very little loose drifting weed and both our lures worked well.  After a good half or three-quarters of an hour flogging away at our chosen spots Ben moved along past me a couple of hundred metres and began to fish again.  I was just beginning to think about a move myself when I heard him call and looked up to see that he was into a fish.

I reeled in quickly, grabbed my bag and camera and set off as fast as a could towards the action.  In fact it probably took me five minutes to get to him because of the dangerously sloping, algae covered, boulders that I had to traverse.  For most of the time my eyes were fixed on the ground to avoid slipping or breaking an ankle and when I looked up I was just in time to see Ben’s rod straighten as the fish came unstuck. Unusually for bass, after splashing about on the surface, the fish had worked its way round a submerged boulder and somehow managed to release itself from the trebles on the plug.  Buns!!! or words to that effect.

On the bright side we were encouraged by the action and decided to continue fishing and to try one or two more spots further along the shore.  We trudged on having a few casts in each likely place but there seemed to be no sign of any more bass.  Eventually it was time to turn round and head back if we were to be home for breakfast.  At this point we each decided that a change of lures might be worthwhile for the few casts along the return route.  I changed to a Slandra and Ben, after considering the merits of a popper, decided to give a big Redgill a go.  He had a bit of trouble changing the lure (split ring problem) so I left him fiddling about.

Sea bass on a Mitchell reel

Mike Ladle not huge but a nice condition Bass

By now it was just about low tide and there wasn’t much water anywhere so I wandered out along a big rocky ledge to find a metre or so of depth.  The waves were foaming over the rocks around my knees and the water was crystal clear over thick beds of wrack and rough boulders.  Quite bassy conditions.  The breeze was now blowing in my face so I couldn’t cast the unweighted, soft-plastic lure more than a few metres.  I flicked it out and let it drift round with the flow.  It looked amazingly lifelike with the sinuous, wriggling tail.  I cast again and this time, as the lure swung across in front of me, there was a hard snatch and I was into a hard fighting bass.  The fish was no monster but it was in mint condition and fought like stink.  I was hoping that my bass wouldn’t come off like the earlier fish had but I need not have worried, the big, 6/0 hook was well fixed in the side of its mouth.  Magic!  As I slid the fish ashore I could see Ben approaching along the rocks so I carried the bass back to show him and we took a couple of pictures for the diary.  We fished on for a little while after my catch but there were no more bites.  On the way home we were agreed that two bites and one fish in just over a couple of hour’s fishing was a pretty good return for effort this early in the year.  We’ll be back!

Mike Ladle sea fishing in Dorset

Mitchell Teklon and Slandra + Bass

Mike Ladle takes yet another sea bass on a Slandra

Mike’s Bass fell for a Slandra

Cool Bag from Penn

Two features make the Penn Cool Bag stand out from the crowd. Firstly a removable washable inner makes it easier to keep clean, essential if you are using it for bait, and it has a decent waterproof zip. 33 x 26 x 9cm make it ideal for sea fishing bait and its tough outer will make for a long life. At £14.99 it is a quality item at a sensible price.

Penn cool bag

Cool Bag from Penn

cool bag with removable lining

Penn Cool Bag Open

Team Vass 700 PVC Chest Hi’s

The latest chest hi waders from the Vass the wader and clothing company that has taken the fishing world by storm with their innovative well designed and priced products. The Team Vass 700 chest hi are no exception. Made from top quality PVC these are more flexible and lighter than the 740’s but still retain the reinforcing that we fishermen demand. These are not only for us sea anglers, these are also ideal for all our coarse and carp anglers as well

Team Vass 700 Chest Hi

Vass Team 700 Chest Hi

Kayak Lure Fishing

We are already 4 months into a new year, and already, its been a pretty hectic time fishing-wise. I seem to be spending more and more time lure fishing from the kayak. At the tail end of last year, I had an amazing kayak fishing trip in Cornwall chasing pollack…

I managed to catch a new PB pollack of 12lbs – which went like a rocket on my Blackrock Hellboy 7 foot rod and Okuma RAW II reel. They really hit those SG sandeels hard, and vertical jigging in the deep clear waters is as good as it gets on a kayak…


My buddy Ian, made my fish look small, by boating possibly the biggest pollack caught in the UK in a kayak. A beauty of 21lbs…


And not to be outdone, buddy Steve caught a smashing 10lb coalfish the next day – you don’t get many of those these days.

The lure fishing craziness continued with some freshwater trips targetting big perch on ultra light soft plastic lures. This is real finesse style fishing, using fine braid of 4 to 10lb breaking strain and ultralight rods and reels. When you get a double figure pike on this gear, you really know about it – quite a revelation if you have been used to skull dragging rays and cod across reefs on beachcasting gear… the fish do not know when to stop. Using a 2g jig head on a small soft plastic such as a 2 inch Z-man grub or a Savage gear 3D bleak takes alot of focus and concentration. Sometimes it all pays off; and I have been lucky enough to have caught 2 lovely perch this year from different venues, both on lures…

The first weighed 3lbs 13ozs (So close to a 4lb’er !)…


And then just last week, I visited a new lake, and managed this beauty of 4ls 4ozs; a new personal best for me; I was so happy, as I think you can tell from the picture !


With all the interest in lure fishing and my love of kayak fishing, I decided to start a new Facebook group called Kayak Lure Fishing. Please check it out and come and join in with the fun…

Kayak Lure Fishing Facebook Group

Varivas Back in Stock

We have just received our latest delivery from Varivas in Japan. Very pleased to let all who are waiting for

Varivas Tapered Shock Leader

Varivas 3 Way Swivels, Varivas Rig/Shock Leader

Varivas Max Power Varivas Tapered Shock leader

Varivas Top Japanese Fishing Tackle

Varivas Max Power, Varivas Tracer Braid, Mebaru Light Pe,

Yamashita EGI Squid Jigs


Teklon Royal 802 8′ – 10 – 50gm

Teklon Royal 802- a touch of class

Teklon Royal 802- a touch of class

When we first clapped eyes on the Teklon range of rods we had a feeling we could be onto something special.
Round about the same time, there was a boom in the short style Japanese lure rods flooding into the UK, many with a top end price tag that made them out of reach by all but the most lined pocket.This was the beauty of the Teklon Concept- a rod that on close inspection bared many similarities to these seemingly revolutionary models from the land of the rising sun, but without the jaw dropping rrp. Light, fast and crisp, it was a no brainer as far as we were concerned and that year we sold literally thousands.

Fast forward a few years, and on a product finding mission in Barcelona, we stumble across the Teklon Royal. The price tag was still sensible, yet Grauvell had done the impossible and improved upon what we had up until that point considered near perfection. You’ll have to check that you’re actually holding this thing as its hi modulus carbon blank weighs in at a minute 145gm! We couldn’t wait to clip on a lure and see how the rod performed and to say we were gobsmacked would be an understatement. This thing punched a 14gm IMA lure into a headwind with absolute ease again and again… fast is not the word. The name Royal sums the rod up beautifuly. Classy cosmetics, a minimalist reel seat and Fuji Concept K guides held snugly in position by fanciful orange whipping will ensure that you’ll want to own this rod if only to keep it in a glass display cabinet!
As with most nice things that cross the VMO threshold, it didn’t take long for half of the staff to work the Royal into their own rod armoury, even the irregular lure anglers.
At £169.99 we’re sure you’ll agree that class doesn’t have to come at a price.