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Penn Fathom 15 Leverdrag 2 Speed

We have just received more stock of the brilliant Penn Fathom 2 speed boat reel. Built like you expect a Penn to be built … TOUGH. Oversize stainless steel gears, shielded stainless steel bearings, full metal body and sideplates ‘Quick Shift 2 Speed system and Dura Drag washers in Lever Drag system.    Awesome!!

Fatom Lever Drag Twin Speed

Penn Fathom 2 Speed 15

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UPDATE  18.5.2015

Sorry Guys not only is the offer finished and we have sold out as well !! Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2 speeds are in very short supply but we hope to have a few more in soon, then none for at least a month


Retro Rapala

Mike Ladle has been kind enough to share a few more of his thoughts on a fine ‘retro’ lure.

The Rapala – still one of my favourite bass lures!

Mike in Action in deepest Dorset

Mike in Action in deepest Dorset

I’ve been fishing for bass for a long time now (before I moved to Dorset I lived on the North East coast where they were as scarce as hen’s teeth).  My first lure-caught fish were on basic, unjointed balsa plugs and these lures were a revelation to me and my pals.  Let me quote from an account I wrote in the early 1980’s:-
My pal Harry and I were fishing from a rusty and defunct railway bridge, now demolished, which crossed the entrance to ‘The Fleet’. The tide was flowing fiercely through the channel ideal conditions to try my newly purchased Rapala plug I thought? I clipped it onto the link swivel and climbed up onto the railway bridge. Most other anglers had already left because they were unable to keep their baited tackle down in the fast-flowing water. One chap, on seeing the plug, volunteered the encouraging information that he had “…never seen anyone catch anything on ‘spinners’ from the bridge”.
Never one to be put off easily, I dropped the plug onto the water surface downstream of the bridge and allowed line to peel off the spool as the lure drifted away. After seventy or eighty yards of 8lb nylon monofilament had gone, I gave a turn of the handle to bring over the bale-arm and held the rod pointing downwards until the lure had submerged a foot or two below the surface. Slowly I began to retrieve, one turn, two turns, and ‘wallop’ I was into a bass.  To cut a long story short I landed two bass in no time at all and I was ecstatic.
After my little success, Rapalas became ‘the thing’ to use for bass and my pals and I caught a lot of good fish on them.  If anything we found that the jointed ones were better than the straight ones because they were less likely to ‘tumble’ as they were cast.  Nine, eleven, thirteen centimetre jointed lures – they ALL caught lots of bass.
Being made mainly of balsa the lures are relatively lightweight which enhances their action but reduces casting distance (this is rarely a problem with bass and with modern braids even less so).  The larger (13cm) version casts further than its smaller relatives but it also fishes deeper so in shallow, snag-ridden conditions it’s more likely to get hung up.  However, in my experience it tends to attract a much better stamp of fish than the small Rapalas.  As for colour, black and silver, blue and silver and black and gold all seem equally attractive to the bass.  All the lures are wired right through and so there’s no risk of them falling apart as you play a fish.  Bass are not my only quarry and I find that J9 and J11 Rapalas are equally deadly for salmon, sea trout, chub, perch and pike (I don’t like using plugs for pike because they tend to engulf them).  In waters with pike present you’ll need a wire trace but it doesn’t alter the effectiveness of the lures.
These days of course there are hundreds if not thousands of hard plastics, sub-surface, divers, sinkers, poppers, gurglers, sliders, soft plastics, worms, eels, weedless minnows, shads, etc. etc. but I venture to say that if I used nothing but a Rapala I’d still catch plenty of bass.  Also, the fact that these lures – all tank tested – don’t cost the Earth appeals to my Yorkshire genes.J11F Bass 3 J11F Bass
J11F Wrasse
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Sakura Bass & LRF Luggage

Sakura gear from VMO

Sakura Bass LRF Luggage

We used to sell lots of Sakura luggage and then we had problems with supply. Good news Sakura have a new distributor in the UK and while not perfect things have improved. In addition we have exciting new products.

First up there is the Sakura Rock Pouch. Pocket sized with a belt loop or swivel clip for your bag. The pouch is made from a tough hi tec material with velcro closure. It contains a quality adjustable division plastic box ideal for lead heads SP’s and nick nacks and a velcro strip with 6 grip bags so you can get well organized.

Rock pouch from VMO for Sea Bass

Sakura Rock Puch


Lure Bag from Sakura

Sakura Shore Walker Sling Bag

The Sakura Shore Walker utilizes the same style material and makes a great sling shoulder bag that I particularly like as it makes access easy just what I need perched on a boulder or wading in the sea.
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