Sakura Bass & LRF Luggage

Sakura gear from VMO

Sakura Bass LRF Luggage

We used to sell lots of Sakura luggage and then we had problems with supply. Good news Sakura have a new distributor in the UK and while not perfect things have improved. In addition we have exciting new products.

First up there is the Sakura Rock Pouch. Pocket sized with a belt loop or swivel clip for your bag. The pouch is made from a tough hi tec material with velcro closure. It contains a quality adjustable division plastic box ideal for lead heads SP’s and nick nacks and a velcro strip with 6 grip bags so you can get well organized.

Rock pouch from VMO for Sea Bass

Sakura Rock Puch


Lure Bag from Sakura

Sakura Shore Walker Sling Bag

The Sakura Shore Walker utilizes the same style material and makes a great sling shoulder bag that I particularly like as it makes access easy just what I need perched on a boulder or wading in the sea.
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