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VMO Take To The High Sea’s!

The VMO team recently enjoyed an action packed shark fishing trip aboard Andy Alsop’s boat White Waters, out of Pembroke Dock. Landing an impressive seventeen sharks including a magnificent blue of 128lb for Andy, they had their work cut out and many yards of line torn from a carefully set clutch. Of the seventeen sharks landed, Harry accounted for five, including the only two Porbeagles of the day. The best was estimated at over 90lb.

Andy Evans 128b Blue Shark

Andy Evans 128lb Blue Shark

Harry Brake 90b Porbeagle Shark

Harry Brake 90lb Porbeagle Shark


The team would like to express their sincere thanks to Andy Alsop who’s assistance with rigging up and willingness to help at every opportunity made for a really enjoyable day aboard a state of the art charter boat. It was also noticeable just how healthy the shark population was in this area and it was great to see each fish released to fight another day. In a day and age of dwindling fish numbers on the whole, it was wonderful to see a thriving fishery providing sport of this level.

Andy Alsop is in the latter stages of designing his own purpose built shark rod named The Blue Dog. We are absolutely certain that with the in depth knowledge and experience of the skipper, these will be one to keep an eye out for. The team are already looking forward to getting a bend in one this time next year!