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VMO plaice fishing away day

On Wednesday 27th March, Harry, Simon and Jeremy headed for the western end of Chesil Beach with a view to targeting the plaice that reside there in the spring time. Harry in particular had been studying the weather for some time and after a frustrating period of strong onshore winds that ruined the water clarity, eventually the pressure rose, the winds fell light and the visibility improved. 

Loaded up with not only some prime ragworm and black lug, they also relieved VMO’s stock of a quantity of the fantastic Two Hook Loop Premium Shore Fishing Rigs. We probably do harp on a bit about these, but they really are tied that well and free up a lot of time. Tying multi-hook clip down rigs is never fun and it’s good to know we now have ready made rigs that are as good as anything we have tied ourselves!

After a considerable drive, the lads arrived and set off for their chosen mark. They were surprised to find that there was just a few anglers dotted along the beach and they were able to find a large empty section to set up shop. As predicted, the water was crystal clear, the wind was offshore and the brilliant sunshine really made it feel like spring had sprung. The big question was though, who was going to land the first fish?

Harry’s rods await the start of the action

The ever popular Daiwa 7HT Magnofuge – perfect for plaice fishing

As luck would have it, Harry had only just put his rod in the rest when a steady pull over of the rod tip signalled the presence of some interest. Rather than winding in straight away, Harry left the bite to develop and busied himself by preparing a spare trace. Ten minutes passed by and he couldn’t wait a minute longer. Pulling the bucket lead from its resting place, some steady resistance was felt and sure enough a few tugs on the tip as the weight was retrieved gave the game away. Soon enough, a well conditioned plaice was soon slid up and over the shingle and it was all the three guy’s needed to get them focussing on the rod tips!

First cast success!

Harry’s next cast produced another fish of similar size and in no time at all, Jeremy and Simon had also opened their flatfish accounts. A small bullhuss also graced Simon’s rod to add to the variety. As the tide began to pick up in pace, so the plaice continued their feeding frenzy and other than a solitary dogfish, all three anglers pulled a number of good quality fish up the beach.

Jeremy (left) and Simon in on the action

Ragworm certainly seemed to be doing the damage, as is often the case early on in the season on Chesil, and colourful continental style leads seemed to be giving a slight edge.

Ragworm (top) proved the most reliable bait on the day.

As the tide eventually eased, the plaice finally stopped feeding and it was time to make a mental note of exactly who had caught the most fish. A crisp ten pound note awaited the winner and after a little banter the results were in. Harry had landed 10 fish, Simon landed 6 and Jeremy 5.

Harry’s winning bag of fish excluding his tenth on the last cast (all but one released after spending time in a deep bucket of water that was changed every hour)

The guys had enjoyed not only a summer-like day fishing in tee shirts, but had also put together some tidy bags of fish. 

Simon with a typical brace of plaice

It’s brilliant when a plan comes together and the fish play ball, but it’s even better when the weather is on your side. We’re in no doubt at all that this is just the start of the plaice season and if the weather Gods continue to be kind to us, there will be many more fish filled days to come on the shingle this year!