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VMO Boat Trip – Round 2!

VMO Boat Trip – Round 2!

After the success of the recent trip to Wales in pursuit of shark’s, the team had a taste for life on the high sea’s and so headed for the west Somerset port of Minehead last weekend with the intention of targeting the multitide of species the port has to offer at this time of year.

Friend of VMO, Dave Roberts, was the chosen skipper for the day and Dave’s boat Aly Kat Too was to be the teams platform. Starting off not too far away from the infamous White Mark, The fishing was a little slow but it wasn’t long before a steady stream of pesky dogfish were coming over the gunnel. Knowing full well that the best bet would be a change of location, after half an hour of doggy bashing, Dave pulled anchor and headed a little further offshore where with the tide slackening all the while there would be a better chance of finding something a little lumpier.


Like all good skippers, Dave’s decision proved to be the right thing to do and within twenty minutes of dropping anchor, Karen let out a whoop as her rod arched over and line was pulled from the clutch. Like a number seven bus, on the opposite side of the boat Chris also had a good fight on his hands and before long a pair of nicely marked small eyed rays graced the deck of the catamaran.

A Brace Of Ray's

A Brace Of Ray’s

Karen Is In !!

Karen Is In


Before long, Steve had added a conger as had Joe, together with some small ray’s and even more dogfish, but all eye’s were soon on Andrew who’s uptide rod was groaning as an unknown fish made several good dives for the sea bed. Harry observed that the line on Andrew’s reel looked a little tired and familiar and Andrew confirmed that it was indeed the very same he had used almost two years ago on their last visit to Minehead.

But it did the job, as before too long the fish was safely in the net. A lovely blonde ray of mid double figures in weight was the highlight of the trip and despite the Bristol Channel having one of its off days, a good day out was enjoyed by all. With the ebbing tide rapidly getting underway, Dave called time and the team headed in for a well deserved pint!



Blonde's Are Beautiful

Blonde’s Are Beautiful

A Fitting End To A Great Day

A Fitting End To A Great Day