Bait Breath TT-Shads 4.8''

  • Length 115mm (4.8'')
  • Weight 17gm
  • Deadly Soft-Bait
  • Soft and supple body
  • TT (Triangular Tail) Paddle
  • Great action, even on super sloooow retrieve!
  • Fish weed-less and weigh-less
  • Use a jig head or weighted hook to fish deeper
  • Added Bait Breath BYS craw scent
  • Superb for bass, wrasse and pollack
  • Also catches pike, perch and zander
  • 6 lures per pack

7.99 (inc vat)

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The Bait Breath TT (triangular tail) Shad is absolutely deadly! The combination of a soft supple body, great paddle tail action and secret scent make it a killer lure for bass, pollack and wrasse as well as zander, perch and chub in freshwater.

The TT Shads cast really well and have an amazing action in the water, it can be fished so SLOOWLY! That tail pulsates at the slightest movement.

Scented with Bait Breath's BYS mix flavouring, the high density body is extremely supple and soft, but strong enough to help prevent tearing. The shads also feature a slot running along the top of the bait for that perfect weedless presentation.

The TT Shad is such a super versatile, that can be fished in so many ways! As a topwater on a weedless hook with the rod tip held high, Texas rig or a jig head should you wish to bounce them along the bottom! But possibly the deadliest tactic is fishing them with a slow retrieve just under the surface on a belly weighted 4/0 worm hook.

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