Basshunter Lures Sinko Worm - 6''

  • Length 6''
  • Weight 15gm
  • Worm style soft bait
  • Slim profile
  • Hand poured
  • Made from a strong phthalate-free UV plastic
  • Loaded with salt and natural Anise oil scent to give added attraction
  • Natural action
  • Excellent sink rate
  • Can be fished weigh-less and weed-less
  • For faster sinking and improved casting use a weighted hook
  • Also suitable for Texas or Jika rigging
  • Effective day or night
  • 6 lures per pack
  • Made in Ireland

8.50 (inc vat)

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Basshunter Lures Sinko Worm are a worm bait which has been designed for bass fishing. They have an excellent sink rate allowing them to be rigged weed-less for dead sticking or slow retrieve. To get them down deeper you can also rig them on a weighted worm hook, Texas rig or Jika rig.

They are hand poured in Ireland using a strong phthalate-free UV plastic which is loaded with salt and natural Anise oil scent to give added attraction. The supple material gives them a natural action in the water and encourages the fish to hang on once they have committed to the take. Superb for bass but also attractive to wrasse and pollack in rockier areas.

6 lures per pack.

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