DTD Weak Fish OITA #3.5

  • Length 105mm
  • Weight 18gm
  • Size #3.5
  • Sink rate 5 sec/m
  • Luminous body
  • Natural colours
  • White tail = weak fish
  • Contrast effect
  • Great balance
  • Sound effect
  • Stainless steel twin crown hooks
  • Made in Europe

6.50 (inc vat)

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105mm - Weight 18gm
The DTD Weak Fish imitates natural fishes, but the tail is in a white colour. The idea behind the white tail is simple, but very effective. There are 2 reasons for this characteristic. The first one is the contrast that the mix of natural colour vs. white colour produces. Secondly a white tail is often in nature a sign that a fish is injured and weak making it likely to be an easy meal. These features combined with the luminous body, great balance and built in sound effect make the DTD Weak Fish a very attractive and effective lure.

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