Double R Bullet Squid Jig

  • Deadly squid jig
  • Designed to be fished in a team of several lures.
  • Eyes top and bottom to rig the jigs in series
  • Either fish above a sinker and jig or suspend under a float
  • Highly luminous body
  • Single stainless crown hook
  • Available in two sizes -
  • Small - 30mm - 9gm
  • Large - 40mm - 25gm
  • XL - 60mm - 60gm
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • (Please note exact sizes and colours may vary slightly)

7.99 (inc vat)

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The Double R is a mini jig which are a hugely effective means of catching squid. They are super luminous and a blast with your head lamp or UV torch really gets them glowing. They are designed to be fished in series with several jigs fished in a row above a sinker. Each jig has an eye at either end allowing the line to be attached so that you can fish a string of as many as you wish. They can be jigged vertically from the boat or pier or cast and retrieved. Keep charging the bodies every few casts and it is possible to get multiple catches once the squids home in on the lures.
Alternatively you can fish one or more jigs under a float and use a combination of rod action and wave movement to work the jig.

The single crown hook is stainless steel as is the through body wire which gives the lure strength. Each jig is hand-made so the colours and finishes may differ slightly from the images

Made in the USA

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