Fladen Gummi Mac

  • Traditional rubber lure
  • Very popular in Norway
  • Mounted on a strong hook
  • Fitted with swivel to reduce tangles
  • Mount on short dropper above a pirk or lead
  • Can be baited if wished
  • Very effective for cod, pollack and coalfish
  • 5 lures per pack

2.99 (inc vat)

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The Gummi Mac is a traditional pattern of lure which is still as devastatingly effective now as it has ever been. The rubber tube body is mounted on a strong hook in such a way that it gives it an attractive action when worked in the water.

They are very popular in Norway but their success is not limited to giant cod and coalfish as they work just as well in the UK when fished over wreck and reef.

The most popular method of rigging is to add one or two on short droppers above either a pirk or plain lead and then jig them near the sea bed. Adding bait can at times work well particularly when after ling or torsk.

5 lures per pack

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