Halco Twisty Chrome

  • Slim metal lure
  • Perfect bait fish profile
  • Enticing action
  • Bright chrome finish
  • Added holographic flash
  • Long casting
  • Can be fished slow or fast
  • Perfect for bass, mackerel, pollack etc
  • Strong split rings
  • Saltwater treble

6.98 (inc vat)

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The curved ends of the famous Twisty Chrome create an enticing action like no other metal lure. From a slow wobbling retrieve to a high speed splashing retrieve this lure is truly versatile. The Twisty Chrome has an incredibly realistic baitfish profile that has proven itself in both salt and freshwater. It is an Australian lure but it has proven to be just as deadly in the Uk and is the perfect lure to use when bass, mackerel and pollack ar chasing shoals of small baitfish in the surf.

The Twisty is fitted with quality split rings and a saltwater treble.

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