Hots Y2 Slow Jig

  • High quality slow pitch jigs
  • Nice sideways action / horizontal flutter
  • Fast drop
  • Easy to work
  • Superb for bass, pollack and cod
  • Use at home or overseas
  • perfect for slow pitch jigging
  • Can also be worked faster if preferred
  • Supplied without hooks allowing you to add your preferred rigging
  • Made in Japan

14.99 (inc vat)

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The Y2 jig is a wing type jig which means it fishes very similarly to a standard slow pitch jig but it can also be worked slightly faster like a short pitch knife jig. TheY2 jig is like no other jigs on the market thanks to its unique action in the water and its ease to use and control even if you are new to the jigging game.

The slim profile is designed to drop straight down to the strike zone on free spool allowing you to get fishing as quickly as possible. Once you start to work the jig, it will give a very nice side to side fall action with a slow flap to create an amazing flash and shine in the water.

This jig will basically move as you wish, if you work them fast it will move fast, if work it with long fall or slow jerk it will work just like slow pitch jigs.

They are a great jig to use for targeting bass, pollack and cod as well as coalfish and halibut in more northern waters. Obviously they also work well for the more tropical species such as tuna, trevally, blue fish and kingfish which they were originally designed to fish for.

The lures are supplied on their own allowing you to add the hooks and fittings of your choice.

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