Jinza Bandsman 125

  • Length 125mm
  • Weight 21gm
  • Surface slider/popper
  • Hollow face and open gills for extra splash
  • Tail weighted for long casting
  • Built in rattle
  • Fitted with 2 x VMC treble

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Length 125mm - Weight 21gr

The Bandsman is a surface slider/popper style of lure. The cut face digs into the surface to create disturbance and this is intensified by the hollowed mouth which forces water through and out of the gills to give the impression of a panicking bait fish gasping in the surface layers. It responds well to changes in retrieve and subtle rod movement and is a good lure to try when fish are harassing bait on or near to the surface.

The lure is tail weighted to give long accurate casting and also help to add some attractively rattling to the action. They have a very nice finish and come with two super sharp VMC trebles.

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