Pirate Lures - Bass Treats

  • Length 140mm
  • Weight 22gm
  • Handmade soft bait
  • Extensively tested
  • Deadly for bass
  • CAD Design
  • Long casting
  • Slim asymmetrical design
  • Scented
  • Swimbait action
  • Hand poured in Ireland
  • 4 Lures per pack

6.98 (inc vat)

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Bass Treats are developed for shore bassed seabass angler. Through the process of the development Pirate went through various prototypes with different weights and lengths. Built to last, tough as nails, these lures can catch dozens of bass each! The most common way of presentation is to rig the lure weedless and weightless then use a slow, steady retrieve. This normally delivers the goods but you can mix things up by adding some twitching and jerking as well as a few pauses. This means they can glide to the sides and sink slowly like a wounded prey. Dead sticking is also a good approach, particularly in low light or even at night.

If you need to add extra weight the na weighted hook or texas rigging gives you longer casting and also allows different presentation.

14cm - 22gm Bass Treats were the original Pirate lure and are now well proven and tested, returned many bass, including some specimen size fish too. Flies to horizon even through heavy winds. Recommended hook size is 6/0. They are normally rigged weedless but don't be afraid to try a weighted hooks as the added weight will give you few more ways of presentation.

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