Pirate Lures - Seaducer

  • Length 120mm
  • Weight 15gm
  • Handmade soft bait
  • Extensively tested
  • Deadly for bass
  • CAD Design
  • Long casting
  • Slim asymmetrical design
  • 3D eyes
  • Scented
  • Swimbait action
  • Hand poured in Ireland
  • 4 Lures per pack

7.99 (inc vat)

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Length 120gm - Weight 15gm
The Seducer is the result of extensive trials by the Pirate lures guys and their team of testers. Their brief was to design a soft bait to meet the needs of the modern bass lure angler and from the results it would seem that they have hit the mark.

The Seaducer sports a slim, asymmetrical design boosted by 3D eyes, scents and a gentle swimbait action. The weight of the lure means you can hit the distances needed to reach the fish without having to resort to additional weighting. You can now put the lure the fish want, where they want it and present it perfectly.

Thanks to CAD design Pirate were able to see how the lure would behave and cut most of the trial and error in designing the lure. They analysed the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of the lure thus resulting in a perfect combination of the two. What may look like an evolution is a revolutionary change of design. Decades of combined experience, from seabass, bass, pike and zander fishing, biology, hydrobiology, plastic chemistry and production to CAD programming and CNC production ensure that every lure has perfect performance to catch your new PB.

We know well the importance of casting distance when shore fishing for bass and Seaducer flies like a missile. Casting far? No problem. Reaching that reef further from the shore? No problem. Fishing over shallow ground? No problem. Need to go a bit deeper? No problem, just add a weighted hook, Seaducer will still have its action. The lure's unique asymmetric design creates great gliding action when twitched and nice sweeping action when retrieved slowly.

All Pirate lures are 100% hand made. No injectors, no made in China packed on EU stuff. Each one was made in Ireland, using 100% Irish and UK materials

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Pirate Lures - Seaducer

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Cast really well. At one stage a crab grabbed a piggy back on it so hopeful that the fish take a fancy...

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