Rapture Bayrush 90

  • Length 90mm
  • Weight 10gm
  • Floating
  • Swim depth 0-0.5m
  • Angled lip
  • Holographic finish
  • Inbuilt casting system
  • Red trebles for added attraction

7.99 (inc vat)

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90mm - 10gm
The Bayrush 90 is a subtle sub surface lure which works down to about 0.5m and is a great lure to use when fish are chasing small bait fish on or near the surface. You can work it with a fast steady retrieve to make it wobble and dart in the hope of inducing a bass to chase and grab. Alternatively use a slower more varied retrieve to imitate a wounded bait fish in the hope of getting a fish to grab an easy meal.

Although it is a small lure the casting system means that with a light outfit it can be cast a reasonable distance. Internal weighting ensure that it runs true.

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