Rapture Raiden Pop

  • Length 120mm
  • Weight 40gm
  • Large surface popper
  • Deep cupped face
  • Creates loads of surface disturbance
  • Built in rattle
  • Suitable for UK or overseas
  • Full wire reinforced
  • Holographic finish
  • 2 x 2X Saltwater trebles

7.99 (inc vat)

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120mm - 40gm
The Raiden Pop is a large surface popper which creates loads of surface noise to draw fish up to strike. Use powerful sweeps of the rod to make it dive and crash through the waves leaving a trail of bubbles and spray. If the fish really want to chase then crank it back fast for some heart stopping chases and explosive takes.
Full wire reinforcement give you the strength needed to handle big fish, be that oversized UK bass or more exotic blue water species. 2X Saltwater trebles help to snare your catch.

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