Savage Gear 3D Jerk Minnow 175

  • Length 175mm
  • Weight 25gm
  • Based on the 3D scan of a real sandeel
  • 3D Scanned details
  • Magnetic silent long cast system
  • Great jerk and twitch action
  • Horizontal balance for natural sink when paused
  • Ultra sharp #4 ST46 trebles

14.99 (inc vat)

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175mm - 25gm
The 3D Jerk Minnow is based on a perfect 3D Scan of a real Sandeel to ensure the lure has the most natural profile possible. The long slender body is made of tough ABS plastic which is profiled to give the most amazing jerk and twitch action to drive predatory fish crazy! It is a slow sink suspending lure which sits horizontally and drops just like an exhausted sandeel if allowed to pause on the retrieve. It is a great casting lure and the built-in magnetic moving silent long cast system gives long straight casts. The 3 ultra-sharp treble hooks ensure great hook up rate!

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