VMO Mepps Mullet Spinner - No4

  • Ready to go mullet spinner
  • Particularly effective for targeting thin lips
  • Based on a Mepps Agila spinner
  • Converted for use as a baited spoon
  • Colour - silver
  • Size - No4
  • Fitted with Varivas fluorocarbon snood
  • Twin pennel hooks
  • Top hook #6 Kamasan B160
  • Bottom hook #6 Mustad red bait holder
  • Blade length 4cm
  • Overall length 15cm
  • Sold singly

6.98 (inc vat)

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Fishing a baited spinner is a proven method of targeting mullet with thin lips in particular finding this approach at times irresistible. Our mullet spinner is based on the classic silver No4 Mepps Agila spinner but we have removed the original fitment treble hook and replaced it with a short length of Varivas fluorocarbon armed with 2 x pennel rigged size 6 hooks.

To use the lure just bait the hooks with a length of ragworm. You want to thread the worm over the tail hook and slide it up the fluorocarbon so that the top hook can be nicked into the head of the worm. Break off the remaining worm just below the bottom hook so that this hook is right at the end of the worm, the mullet love to nip the end of the bait and it is the trailing hook which normally nails them as they try and pinch the worm.

A straight forward steady retrieve tends to work best and in clear water it is a fun, if at times frustrating, way to fish as you can see the fish swimming just millimetres behind the lure but refusing to take. If you hold your nerve and just keep winding at a steady pace one will eventually grab it and when you feel the tip pull round just lift the rod to set the hook.

Sold singly.

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