Westin Big Bob - 30cm - 480gm

  • Length 30cm
  • Weight 480gm
  • Super-sized shad for super-sized fish!
  • Designed for enormous cod and halibut
  • Incredibly realistic and durable finish
  • Seductive and throbbing swimming action
  • Large paddle which works both on the drop and on retrieve
  • Use for jigging trolling or straight retrieve
  • Durable soft PVC body
  • Super detailed lead alloy head
  • Fixed 10/0 hook
  • Japanese style stinger
  • Includes 100lb PE braid for stinger

27.98 (inc vat)

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The Westin Big Bob lure is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tackling the icy waters of Scandinavia for enormous cod and barn door halibut.
This no ordinary big lure though, this is BIG and we wouldn't mind betting that many UK shore anglers would love to catch a fish as big as this lure, let alone one that would devour it. Features a seductive, throbbing swimming action that triggers aggressive strikes from species such as cod and halibut.
Supplied ready rigged with fixed 10/0 hook plus the addition of a Japanese style treble rigged as a stinger on 100lb braided assist line. Choice of two resilient colours designed not to fade or scuff under heavy use

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