Westin Crazy Daisy - 23cm - 300gm

  • Length 23cm
  • Weight 300gm
  • Pack contains 1 head ,1 curl tail, 1 paddle tail body, 1 Stinger treble plus 100lb assist line
  • Designed for enormous cod and halibut
  • Active eyes
  • Seductive and throbbing swimming action
  • Super durable finish
  • Use for jigging trolling or straight retrieve
  • Wire eye attachment for alternative rigging
  • Ultra sharp Japanese hook
  • Suitable for boat or ultra heavy shore work

15.00 (inc vat)

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From the very beginning this jig was intended to have a maximized movement and swimming pattern when fished at slow speed. When jigging for halibut and huge cods this will give any angler a great advantage and better odds of success. The curltail is used for a smooth, wormlike swimming action - even at the slowest speed - and the paddletail gives a wounded-panicking-fish action that is extremely appealing to big predators

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