Westin Salty The Shrimp

  • Length 80mm
  • Weight 18gm
  • Ultra realistic Shrimp imitation
  • Based on 3D scan of a real shrimp
  • Weighted jig head
  • Natural swimming action
  • Perfect for wrasse and bass
  • Supplied with spare alternative paddle tail body
  • Ultra sharp 2/0 hook
  • Interior hook channel for easy rigging
  • Soft legs add fluttering action
  • Natural whiskers
  • Hand painted detail colours
  • Package contains - 1 x jig head, 1 x natural body and 1 x paddle body

6.98 (inc vat)

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Length 80mm - Weight 18gm
Salty the Shrimp is a super realistic imitation based on a 3D scan of a real shrimp. The weighted jig head gives it a natural swimming action when bounced back across the sea bed. The soft body complements the lures action but if you want to try a different approach a second body is included with a paddle rather than natural tail. The strong hook will hold on to your catch and 'Salty' is a great lure to target wrasse and bass but will also pick up a variety of other species which naturally hunt shrimp and prawn as part of their diet.

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