Westin Sandy Andy - 13cm - 22gm

  • Length 13cm
  • Weight 22gm
  • Pack contains 1 complete lure plus spare body
  • Designed with UK and overseas lure fishing in mind
  • Active eyes
  • Seductive and throbbing swimming action
  • Super durable finish
  • Perfect for general lure fishing on shore or light boat work
  • Hand painted detailed colours
  • Ultra sharp Japanese hook
  • Super soft material allows for extra flexibility

8.99 (inc vat)

In stock

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An extremely realistic sand eel imitation, this lovingly hand-painted lure is highly effective for bass, cod, seatrout and a number of other predatory species. The premoulded jig is mounted with an ultra-sharp hook and the soft yet durable body creates an alluring action when worked through the water on a steady retrieve

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